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Concept & Charter
PHENIX leads an alliance of small businesses in relevant business areas to participate in the design and development of total projects. PHENIX performs the role of project prime contractor and point of contact for customer. When appropriate, a group member company may serve as the prime contractor with PHENIX serving as a subcontractor in areas of customer/project liaison and technical consultation.

Business Areas

• Technical & program management for simulation projects
• General Contractor for custom entertainment products & attractions
• Custom simulation software development
• Product “reality” checks
• Requirements analysis
• Vendor evaluation and selection recommendation

Hardware Products
• Complete simulation systems
• Upgrades to existing systems
• Electric motion systems

Software Products
• Simulation Software
• Motion control software

• Home office in suburban Orlando, Florida
• Prototype development shop
• Access to group member manufacturing facilities
• Self contained mobile demo simulator with motion seat



PHENIX Design Group, Inc.

2745 Haas Road.Apopka, FL, USA 32712    tel: 407-884-6729Contact












Email: info@phenixdg.com
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